Snow, and Gifts

It’s well and truly winter, proper winter, old school and very cold winter. It has snowed. More than once. The sun has popped out here and there but for the most part, it’s freezing (in Daylesford, anyway)!

image-2When it’s too cold to go out, the garden is not so inviting. However, we have a big range of lovely garden art in The Secret Garden, so you have something to hang on your bare branches and look at through the window, or pop next to your winter flowers, or add a bit of colour to the plants when they’re not in bloom. They also make fantastic gifts when you can’t decide which plant to buy…

image-1Every pot needs a friend, and they don’t come much cuter than these little garden pot gnomes. The bigger ones have cheeky grins, and the smaller ones remind me of the Seven Dwarves. Pop them on the side of your pots and surprise those who love exploring nooks and crannies (ie children!).

imageNothing fills a space like a well chosen piece of garden art, and these rusty hangers are a great example. Fill it with dirt and plant a hardy cascading succulent; drop stones in the bottom and create an open terrarium with found objects like gumnuts and branches; or just leave it empty and hang it from the tree branches. There’s a few different styles – why not mix it up and try various shapes? Our rotund chooks are also a good choice for a rustic sculpture vibe in your garden, or you could try some geese or ducks. Less noisy than the real thing.

image-6You’ll run into heaps of critters in The Secret Garden, including echidnas, rabbits, owls, magpies, cockatoos, and our favourite: shiny metallic ants. These ants are brown or red and make a bold statement – especially en masse – either as a fixture nailed through its loop on a wall, climbing a structure, or just sitting on the edge of the veranda or pond…

We also love the big critters – there’s Shawn the sheep, looking after his little fella; Porky pig; and Warren wombat. These fantastic pieces are big, but if they won’t squeeze in your car, we do deliver. Just ask us for a quote.

image-4Our collection of quirky and lovely garden art is available for perusal in the gifts photo gallery, purchase in the nursery, or you can enquire and purchase over the phone with a credit card. We will post it to you (if it’s not too big!).